Prayer for Someone Who Hurt You

Adapted by Jeff Brower in 2018 for Christians from Rabbi Robert Saks

Dear God,

You know my heart. Indeed, You know me better than I know myself, so I turn to You before I rise. My emotions swirl as I say this prayer. The person I remember was not kind to me. This death left me with a legacy of unhealed wounds, of anger and of dismay that a person could hurt another as I was hurt.

I do not want to pretend to love or to feign grief that I do not feel, but I do want to do what is right as a follower of You.

Help me, O God, to subdue my bitter emotions that do me no good, and to find that place in myself where happier memories may lie hidden, and where grief for all that could have been, all that should have been, may be calmed by forgiveness, or at least soothed by the passage of time.

I pray that You, who raise up slaves to freedom, will liberate me from the oppression of my hurt and anger, and that You will lead me from this desert to Your holy place.